My Number One Floral Tip!

FLORALS!! Guys, florals do SO much for a wedding day, especially for pictures. However, they can definitely be a huge dent in your budget. Beautiful arrangements are not cheap and can get even pricier depending on the flowers you love and the season you get married in!

If I had to give ONE tip when it comes to weddings flowers, it would be this. Focus on the BRIDAL bouquet. This day is all about you, and your bouquet will be in the majority of the pictures. It can also be used for so many detail shots to spruce up your pictures and make it look like there are more flowers than there actually may be! Pretty bridesmaids’ bouquets are great, but remember that they won’t be in a ton of the photos. Simple can be beautiful. More isn’t always better! Get your dream bouquet, girl, and divide the rest of your floral budget amongst your other arrangements.

Other florals may includes things such as the ceremony arch, reception tables, and front doors! Have an idea of which things are most important to you before meeting with your florist! This will help your florist be able to manage your budget better and give you your dream wedding!!

I hope this helps!

See ya soon!