Lakeside Spring Elopement | The Savells

Nobody expects to have to postpone their long-awaited wedding day, especially because of a pandemic. But with grace, Camille & Jared decided not to let this unpredicted obstacle steal their joy OR their wedding. With all of this being new for me too, I didn't really know what to expect upon arrival. What I found inspired me. A joyful family waiting to celebrate this sweet couple. Thoughtful florals surrounding a quaint and beautiful cake. A stunning pier filled with ferns and even more beautiful flowers that covered a ceremony arch. And to make it more special, this was all in the backyard of Camille's grandparents' home. They stayed tucked away on the porch to keep safe of course (best view in the house, I'd say!).

Camille's dad walked her down an aisle of lanterns to her groom. After thoughtful words from the pastor, the two exchanged vows, and Jared became a little emotional, unexpected to the bride! What a sweet moment! The sun was just about to set, and the mossy greens were glowing around the lake. Now husband and wife, just like that! And while big weddings are great, there is something beautiful about the simplicity of a wedding like this. A few loved ones, the most important ones. And a few hours just to be reminded of why it all began, and what it's all really about.

Camille & Jared, I'm thankful to have been a part of it. And I'm thankful to have a couple like you who make me excited to go to my "job" and do what I absolutely love! The day was so perfect! I appreciate your sweet family for looking out for me and for cheering you guys on during this time full of difficult decisions. I can't wait for August to celebrate even BIGGER! ;)

Florals: Elaina Anders Design

Cake: Lizzy Oliver