Baby Julian | 6 weeks

My sweet little Julian is 8 weeks old today and I can’t believe it! I really didn’t take many newborn pictures because my recovery was pretty rough. So these pictures were taken at 6 weeks! I just can’t believe how much he's grown, how cute he is, and that he’s mine!

He has many different names:

Little Buddy

Jujube (It’s a candy)




Sweet boy (Mostly Wesley haha)

He loves the car, stroller, and pretty much all types of movement. He has the cutest sneezes, coughs, and fake cry. He’s smiling a lot now and we swear he has laughed. He rolled over from his stomach to his back at 4/5 weeks which is crazy. He’s getting close to rolling from back to front too. He’s very strong and alert and has been since day one. He weighs over 10 lbs now and has the neck rolls to match. He has started to watch Little Baby Bums a little bit. It holds his attention for about 10 minutes. He sleeps a 6-7 hour stretch most nights in his velcro swaddle and bassinet. He likes the sound of water & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

He's just the best and is SO loved by all of his family. Everything I went through with pregnancy and birth was worth it. He’s so perfect. Our little best friend. I pray that he has a heart for the Lord and is kind like his daddy. Can't wait for all the things with this little guy!