Are Prints Really Necessary?

Ahhh prints!! Are they really that important??

The answer is a big YES! It's so easy to forget to order prints these days because of social media & online storage in general. However, after investing SO much time and money into your big day, it's so worth it to have those images in your home where you can touch them and share them! I have my engagement and wedding pictures throughout my home and I absolutely love it. I never want to forget that day or where Wesley and I started our marriage.

That being said, my tip for you would be to order any prints and products that you want immediately after you receive your wedding gallery! Why immediately? Because the longer you wait, the higher the chance that you will forget or put it off until it is three years later and you're thinking "Man, I wish I would've ordered wedding prints. I need to do that." I'm embarrassed to say that I STILL haven't ordered a wedding album for myself. I started designing it like two years ago. ha! So, whether you order them from your photographer or from an outside source, just make sure to do it right away! The same goes for portrait sessions! These are even easier to forget. You make it your profile picture, share them on Facebook, and then completely forget to print them for your home. But you made an investment in portraits too! And these memories should last forever, not just on the internet, but in your hands!

I also think about my kids one day, and how I'd love to be able to sit down with them, away from a screen, and look through memories. Having something tangible to give them to remind them of their childhood and special events is so important to me! Plus, I might have a picture frame problem, and will use any excuse to buy another one! ;)