Behind the Lens

Lindsey here!  I usually spend my free time daydreaming about my next beach trip or cruise. I love a good strategic challenge which is probably why I obsess over finding seashells at the beach. It's also why I had to delete candy crush from my phone (several times) and I loved those "I SPY" books as a kid.


 I have always been a creative soul, but I never thought I would find a career to fit all of my many interests into one! I love ALL of the aspects of running a photography business. And most importantly, I love seeing my client's get so excited when seeing their pictures! I know what it feels like to want pictures that you will cherish forever!

       It's important to me to have a connection with my couples. I remember the first time I had a bride that treated me like I was just another one of her best friends at the wedding. I loved having that kind of relationship and it became my motivation for future clients. So, let's be friends?!

A Few Favorites


New Girl

The Office


How I Met Your Mother

Big Bang Theory



Tj Maxx & Home Goods

Wrapping Gifts

Tiny Houses

Video Games 

The Beachhh!!


Crab Claws

Indian Food

Dr. Pepper (A problem}

Fried Mushrooms (Also a problem)

Salmon or Redfish


Our Story

This is my sweet husband, Wesley. We grew up 10 minutes away from each other our whole lives, but in different schools and different worlds. In 2016, I felt the Lord tug on my heart and call me to visit a church that I knew absolutely nothing about. I showed up one Sunday (a change in the car last minute decision) and sat in the back on a pew to myself.  After the service, his sister-in-law, who I knew through mutual friends, came and spoke to me and introduced me to Wesley. About two weeks later she asked to set me up on a "blind" date. haha. I knew who it was. Both Wesley and I were content being single at the time, but also had a gut feeling that something bigger was happening. After a little prayer and a lot of hesitance on my part ;), I said yes, and the rest is history as they say! We dated for 9 months before he proposed. We were engaged for 3 months (I know guys, crazy!) and were married in December 2017! So fast, but when you know, you know, am I right?! 


My Family

We had a baby!

Our baby boy, Julian, is almost one now!! I can't believe it! He's the absolute cutest thing ever and I can't believe we get to be his parents!!

He already loves the camera, which is good because he will forever be my model. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I post pictures of him often because LOOK at him!! 😍


Travel Goals

Wedding Travel Bucket List:

Charleston, SC

Birmingham, AL

Asheville, NC

Rosemary Beach, FL

Anywhere in Texas



Personal Travel Bucket List:




India (Again, ha!)